MP3 Quiz

MP3 Quiz

Prove your knowledge about music in your own library


  • Ability to add multiple players
  • Set question number on a per-game basis
  • Different difficulty levels available


  • Some questions repeat if you have a small library

Not bad

MP3 Quiz is a fun way to challenge yourself and friends to see how much you know about the music you have in your library.

There are a lot of customizable features in MP3 Quiz, including the ability to create a team and add multiple players. You can even select how many questions you want to have asked in each round. In addition, the game lets you choose the level of difficulty for each question set.

MP3 Quiz is compatible with iTunes and Windows Media Player, as well as other PC music libraries. You can get in on the fun even if you don't have a traditional music library; so long as you have a folder on your PC that you can connect to MP3 Quiz, you're good to go. You'll be asked to set a path to your music library or the folder where your songs are kept so it can generate questions based on the folder's contents.

Unfortunately, MP3 Quiz sometimes repeats questions, even in the smaller question sets. If you have a small music library as well, be prepared not to be able to create larger quizzes. You need to have a specific number of songs per question the application generates.

Overall though, MP3 Quiz is a fun and lightweight program that'll keep you occupied with fun music trivia.

MP3 Quiz


MP3 Quiz

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